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John Walker Actor Wyatt Russell Receiving Death Threats From Toxic Fans

For all of the gracious and loving fans of different realms of nerd-dom, whether it be comic books or Star Wars or video games or what have you, there is a small minority of toxic fans. Unfortunately, these toxic fans, albeit a minuscule percentage, are incredibly loud, especially over social media – and they are relentless and aggressive. Case in point: A slew of fans are sending death threats to actor Wyatt Russell for the role of a FICTIONAL character he portrays in John Walker on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, putting him on a long list of bullied actors by toxic fans.

Ever since his first appearance as John Walker at the end of the first episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, Russell has been attacked and bullied online to the point that he had to walk away from social media altogether. This included death threats just because he is playing an unlikable character who is replacing the beloved Captain America. These toxic Marvel fans (and I use the term ‘fans’ here VERY loosely) are literally threatening this actor’s life over a character he is playing.

This is, of course, unacceptable behavior and, quite frankly, ignorant beyond measure. It is one thing to not like a character, especially one you’re meant to loathe. In fact, there is nothing wrong with wanting that character dealt with in some way in the show or movie they are in. That’s the point. But to attack the actor/actress playing the part as if they are that character in real life is beyond asinine.

Toxic fans are a cancer for what is truly the geek renaissance going on today. For so long, people in our fandoms were ostracized and ridiculed. But now, nerd is chic, and the hottest movies and television shows are about the very things we love and have a passion for. But this awful people out there making the rest of us look bad are compromising its very existence. Fans need to bond together and stop letting this toxic group speak for us all.

Have your ever had a ‘toxic fan’ experience with someone? Let us know in the comments below!

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