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Instagram Adds COVID-19 Warnings to Gina Carano Content

Things just aren’t getting any easier for former Star Wars actress Gina Carano. After being fired from the production of The Mandalorian, and left behind by her agency, the actress continued to have issues on social media. For example, Twitter began censoring her posts regardless of whether or not they actually went against any of their standards. Now it looks like Instagram is doing something similar. Fans of Gina Carano have began noticing that Instagram is now attaching COVID-19 warnings to posts from the fan page @GinaCaranoNet, even if the posts are completely unrelated to the ongoing pandemic.

Interestingly, it appears that these warnings are only being attached to posts shared from the fan page. Any of Gina Carano’s actual posts from herself remain untouched. Regardless, fans are receiving the following notifications upon sharing the fan page’s posts:

“Since your post includes information about COVID-19, we’ve added a link to a health source.”

This warning then, as pointed out by Bounding Into Comics, includes a disclaimer that leads directly to the COVID-19 Information Center. As such, one can only assume it is some kind of glitch or error since these warnings are being attached to a fan page that has nothing to do with the pandemic. In which case, it seems Instagram actually wants to add these COVID-19 warnings to posts made by the real Gina Carano. And that wouldn’t be too surprising considering Twitter already has been censoring her real posts. But fans will no doubt be displeased to know that yet another social media entity is targeting Gina Carano.

For now, though, Gina Carano is apparently still moving forward despite what Instagram, Twitter, and Disney have all been doing. In fact, she’s hard at work with at least one new film project that could potentially be Star Wars-inspired. So the actress is certainly not letting any of this get to her.

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