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Twitter Users Roast Amber Heard On Her Birthday After It Was Trending Topic

Amber Heard has become a massive topic of discussion for a variety of reasons. She’s become quite a big Hollywood star, and with her role in Aquaman she’s been given a recurring place in the DCEU. On the other hand, she’s also become a subject of controversy. The actress has been stuck in several lawsuits and other such issues since divorcing Johnny Depp. The two have frequently accused one another over acts of domestic abuse, and while things aren’t completely clear in these accusations – many individuals haven’t been very fond of Amber Heard as a result. With this in mind, Amber Heard’s birthday generated a variety of mixed thoughts after trending on Twitter.

The Hollywood actress, who just turned 35 on April 22, began trending on Twitter as a result of her birthday. But, as stated above, the tweets responding to Amber Heard’s birthday weren’t exactly positive. While some fans were overjoyed and wished Amber Heard the best, others were outright using it as a chance to bring up her legal troubles with Johnny Depp. You can see for yourself some of the reactions that her birthday earned down below:

It isn’t exactly surprising, especially considering this is the internet and social media that we’re talking about. At a time when “Cancel Culture” is at an all time high, it’s hard for any celebrity to escape unscathed. But for Amber Heard, she just has more than enough of the controversy spotlight to continue receiving such reactions. Of course, that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her side of the story. And, in fact, the UK courts recently ruled in favor of her and The Sun against Johnny Depp. So while some individuals might be trying to bash the actress, she’s been carrying on just fine it seems.

In any case, we’ll likely continue seeing news about the actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp moving forward. The two will soon be going to court for a similar lawsuit in the US. And considering Amber Heard is still scheduled to appear in Aquaman 2, it seems unlikely that she’ll be going away from the spotlight any time soon.

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