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Marvel’s Avengers Official MCU Skins Have Leaked; Will Arrive Soon

It’s clear that Marvel has done an excellent job of expanding their superhero franchises in recent years. Aside from the virtually infinite lore of their comic books, they’ve also created a multitude of TV shows, video games, and of course the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One specific video game they’ve built up nicely is Marvel’s Avengers. With that in mind, however, fans have been wondering why the game hasn’t yet offered any skins based on the superheroes’ appearances from the MCU. Well, according to some new leaks, it looks like Marvel’s Avengers will indeed be getting some MCU skins after all. And they’re likely coming very soon.

Fans have been waiting for these types of skins ever since the game first launched. Now, as you can see below, a variety of images have leaked thanks to a select crowd of people who can see them in-game. Check out the ones that have been located so far down below:

And there will likely be many other skins available as well.

The exact release date for when these new MCU skins will be arriving in Marvel’s Avengers is still unclear. However, their arrival is presumably going to coincide with the upcoming Black Widow Red Room event. And, obviously, that event will coincide with the release of the new Black Widow movie. Hence why the skins have taken so long to arrive, considering the film was delayed until this summer. So we should assume that the skins are finally going to be arriving very soon.

It’s also worth mentioning that these MCU skins will cost either credits or real world money depending on how much you need. Either way, most of the game’s actual expansions are free – with only cosmetics having a price tag. So it’s a nice way to support the developers and keep the game moving forward while also receiving cool skins.

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