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Tom Holland Falcon Joke Resurfaces After ‘Captain America 4’ Reveal

It was recently confirmed that actor Anthony Mackie, known for playing the character Sam Wilson, would be returning under his all-new identity as Captain America for the newly announced Captain America 4. The announcement was made following the conclusion of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a recent Disney Plus series which pleased Marvel fans worldwide. As a result of this announcement, however, a 2018 video featuring Spider-Man actor Tom Holland alongside Anthony Mackie and Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan has resurfaced. The video, which was recorded at Seattle’s ACE Comic-Con in 2018, included a friendly quip made by Tom Holland in response to Anthony Mackie and how he didn’t have a stand-alone Falcon movie.

Obviously, since Anthony Mackie will soon have his very own Captain America movie, it seems the tables have turned. As such, it makes the video have a new layer of humorous irony. As you can see below, it starts with Anthony Mackie admitting he hadn’t yet seen Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“You haven’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming?” asked a surprised Tom Holland.

Anthony Mackie shrugged and shook his head, again admitting that he hadn’t yet seen Tom Holland’s new movie. Thus, Tom Holland replied this, making fun that there wasn’t a Falcon movie:

“I haven’t seen the Falcon movie – oh, no, there isn’t one, sorry.”

Obviously Mackie couldn’t come up with a better response.

“Well-played, sir,” said Anthony Mackie with a laugh. “Well-played.”

This friendly rivalry between the two has continued into recent times. For example, Anthony Mackie told Sirius XM the following while promoting The Falcon and The Winter Soldier:

“There is competition within Marvel,” before later adding, “I just want to see somebody do an algorithm or figure out if we were in a movie theater how much money we would have made. Because I know it would’ve been more than Tom Holland as Spider-Man!”

It further appears that Marvel fans have taken this friendly rivalry into their own hands. As you can see from some of the social media posts below:

As always, stay tuned for new updates on Captain America 4 as we have them.

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