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gina carano shooting range

Gina Carano Goes Viral With Shooting Range Video

Gina Carano has made headlines pretty consistently after she was fired from Disney’s The Mandalorian. The fact that she was fired for her controversial social media posts put everyone in a frenzy, including her fans that felt she was wrongly removed from the show. Nevertheless, Gina Carano has remained positive about her career’s future and has continued to maintain a productive mindset. As such, things aren’t too bad for the actress, who is continuing to move forward. And, with that in mind, it looks like she’s opening herself up to new experiences as well. As you can see in the below clip, Gina Carano has gone viral with a new shooting range video.

As she explained in the video’s caption, this was actually her first time firing such a weapon.

“This was the first time I ever shot this gun,” wrote Carano. “Felt much safer than any gun I’ve ever held. Thank you @tarantactical & @tetianagaidar for having me! Looking forward to doing it again soon.”

Of course, it’s unclear why exactly she was at a shooting range. It could have been that, as mentioned above, she was just eager to try out some new experiences. Or, on the other hand, she could have been preparing for her new role by expanding her use of firearms. In any case, the video of Gina Carano at the shooting range has continued to go viral. No doubt, she’ll be earning the support of many right-wing individuals that are tired of the ongoing cancel culture trends that have targeted Carano.

Regardless, actress Gina Carano is certainly moving forward with her life and it doesn’t matter that Disney or her old agency dropped her. She’s clearly going to continue her goals in acting and doing what she loves. At this rate, we’ll probably be hearing a lot more from her sooner rather than later.

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