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‘Moon Knight’ Set Photo Gives First Look At Ethan Hawke’s Marvel Villain

A cult classic and fan favorite character, Moon Knight is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of a Disney Plus series. A kind of aggressive and brutal version of Batman for Marvel, Moon Knight also carries an incredibly deep story based around mental health that is compelling and intriguing. As the series begins filming, fans are curious as to exactly where this show will go and where Marc Spector will end up in the MCU. Now, a new BTS photo showcases Ethan Hawke in costume, leading fans to speculate whether he will be a villain or an ally.

Hawke can be seen walking around set in a dark tan leather suit and using a walking cane. We also has longer hair. This has lead many to speculate that he is playing Jack Russell, aka Werewolf By Night. This would make sense, as Moon Knight first appeared in an issue of Werewolf By Night and was actually a villain at first. Could we see this dynamic flipped? Is Werewolf By Night there as an ally? Some have also postulated that Hawke is playing Sun King, who is a Moon Knight villain who also has Egyptian ties as an antagonist with rival God, Ra to Moon Knight’s Egyptian God, Khonshu. Even still, Ethan could also be playing Spector’s longest known villain, Raoul Bushman, who left Marc to die which ultimately led to the berth of Moon Knight.

Regardless of who he is playing, Ethan Hawke is a fantastic addition to this series and is going to make an impact in the MCU. And, with Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, this show will have some real weight behind it. Another realm of gods will enter the MCU and some amazing characters are coming along with it.

Who do you think Ethan Hawke is playing? Let us know in the comments below!

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