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Burger King Germany Hijacks ‘IT’ Screening With Anti-Clown Advertisement

Burger King Germany recently hijacked the ending to a screening of Andy Muschietti’s IT, starring Bill Skarsgård. The company implemented a warning against trusting clowns. Not too long ago, the Russian branch of Burger King had urged their government to ban the film as they were upset with Pennywise’s resemblance to Ronald McDonald.

But it’s the German branch that seems to have a more lighthearted approach, using Pennywise for their own benefit.

Their message began right before the end credits of IT, where they lit the screen up with two spotlights. The first said “The Moral Is: Never Trust a Clown”. The second spotlight contained the Burger King logo, suggesting a playful rivalry against McDonald’s.

It makes one wonder if the Ronald McDonald sporting company will come up with a comeback, or if they’ll just sit aside and continue to collect their profits as usual.

Meanwhile, Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of IT is nearing $600 million worldwide and $300 million domestically. The film is already the highest grossing horror film ever, so the numbers continue to impress. The movie has also made some fans get very creative, with one fan even reimagining the film as a 1980s horror flick on VHS. There seems to be no slowing down for the film at all, so maybe Burger King does have a right to be afraid after all.

IT is currently in theaters everywhere, with IT: Chapter 2 currently scheduled for a 2019 release.

What do you think about the foreign branches of Burger King and their obsession with battling IT? Let us know in the comments section below!

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