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Max Landis Sexual Assault

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Multiple Women Accuse Max Landis Of Sexual Assault

In the depressing trend that’s sweeping Hollywood, yet another person in the industry has been accused of sexual assault. This time, it’s none other than Max Landis – you know that guy who wrote 2012’s Chronicle and makes it a point to let everyone know that he did in fact write Chronicle – and the allegations are on Twitter for everyone to see.

Max Landis himself is yet to respond, but it’s interesting to point out the series of tweets he fired off when he was accused of being sexist back in November of last year:

It’s important to point out that these are just allegations, but apparently it was another one of Hollywood’s open secrets, similar to Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and just this week, T.J. Miller. Landis hasn’t issued a statement, but when he does, we’re sure he’ll let us know once again that he wrote 2012’s Chronicle. More recently, Landis wrote Bright, a film currently getting destroyed by critics but a positive reaction from fans.

What do you make of the allegations against Max Landis? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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