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DC Comics Just Gave Batman A New Costume

Batman and Rorschach finally talk to each other about something other than pancakes in Doomsday Clock #3. The scene where Bruce Wayne is given the original Rorschach’s journal with give the audience another change. Spoilers follow!

Batman’s costume is different than the one he was wearing in the image that was released as an alternate cover for this issue. This image was also seen on t-shirts and posters sold at New York Comic Con last year. In this other picture, Batman is wearing his Rebirth suit with a large black cat that spread across much of his chest and was outlined in yellow.

Batman Doomsday Clock #3 DC Comics

In the comic, the costume shows a small, yellow oval inlaid with a bat instead. This image, due to the texture, looks more like Michael Keaton’s Batman, or maybe even the Batman: Earth One comics drawn by Gary Frank, the artist for Doomsday Clock. Even the belt is different, and more like the ones that were seen after Jim Lee which were cloth and had pouches instead of yellow compartments like the ones seen on his Rebirth costume.

There have been a lot of Watchmen teases and rumors since Rebirth was released, so it seems almost too far reaching for the story to take place anywhere other than in keeping with Earth One.

This story takes place a year in DC’s future, and sees the superheroes of this universe pitted against their darker mirror images from Watchmen. It sounds like a nightmare for the characters, but is actually seen as a battle between hope and cynicism, taking the form of Superman and Doctor Manhattan.

The Bulletin, a popular site that delved into the backmatter from the previous month’s Doomsday Clock #2, is beginning to pick up on the cynicism. However, the story unfolding in the future means the superheroes are encountering conflicts that have not even happened yet in their own books. “The Supermen Theory”, which touches on why Earth’s metahumans mostly come from the United States, is one of the bigger issues in the superheroes’ futures.

In our own not so distant future, we’ll see Batman with another new look as he moves from this story line to the Dark Knight, though we won’t really know how he gets there.

Doomsday Clock #3 is available now.

What do you think of the new costume? Will you be reading Doomsday Clock #3? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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