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Solo: A Star Wars Story

New Pictures From ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Released

Ain’t it always the way? You have to sit around waiting for the best part of a year for anything in the way of promotional material for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and then it all gets dumped online within the space of 24 breathtaking hours. Yesterday saw the movie’s first teaser trailer land, and today EW have revealed a series of exclusive promotional shots for the film. So just what do we now know about the story that we didn’t know last week?

The answer is, pretty much everything. (Well, pretty much everything other than who Paul Bettany is playing, and whether or not he is indeed the movie’s shady gangster villain). We at last have images and names for the main supporting cast, as well as some locations and situations that the film’s protagonists will be appearing in. So let’s get things started.

The first couple of pictures give us some really detailed shots of the young Han Solo, as well as Chewie and the original layout of the Millenium Falcon. Considerably more streamlined and easy on the eye than the finished article fans are used to, the old-school Falcon can be seen being hotly pursued by a couple of Imperial TIE FIghters. Is this the infamous Kessel Run, as referenced in ‘A New Hope’? You’d be foolish not to bet on it.

On the subject of placing bets, we also get a good first look at Donald Glover’s younger incarnation of Lando Calrissian. Lando is shown lounging around with an alien friend at what appears to be a sabaac table. This strongly suggests that as well as the Kessel Run, the movie will feature the infamous card game where Han wins the Falcon from original owner Lando.

Now, that’s all well and good, but it’s not just the existing Star Wars characters that we’re interested in seeing, so let’s turn our attentions to the newcomers. First up is the mysterious Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke. She’s one of Han’s oldest friends, and is described as a femme-fatale (and potential love interest). Also on show is career criminal Tobias Beckett, played by Woody Harrelson.

Beckett is something of a mentor to for Han, taking the young pilot under his wing when he flunks out of the Imperial Academy. Beckett enlists Han and Chewie to carry out a daring heist on a huge transport called The Conveyex, which can briefly be seen in the teaser trailer and also one of the images.

Of course, no Star Wars film is complete without a new droid, and the Solo movie is no exception. British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) can be seen, using motion capture to play newcomer L3-37 (‘Leet’ to her friends). Her presence on the Falcon would suggest she comes as part of the ship when Han inherits it.

The last picture of the collection depicts YET ANOTHER new form of Imperial Trooper. These guys are referred to in the accompanying brief as ‘Mudtroopers’, and are depicted on the planet Mimban. Hardcore fans may recognise the name of this swampy, rain-soaked world, where Darth Vader would pursue Luke and Leia to following the defeat at Yavin 4.

By incorporating features in the prequel such as Mimban, and Han’s presence at the Imperial Academy, Disney are paying homage to the huge amount of material that they initially declared non-canon when they acquired the rights to the franchise. This is turn opens the doors to a whole host of new characters and aliens, such as Admiral Daala and the sinister Yuuzhan Vong.

After such a long time with nothing to offer, it’s genuinely heartening to get a first feel for the look of the new film. Fans will still be hoping though that Alden Eichenreich can successfully harness some of the charm and charisma that Harrison Ford used to make the role such a historic success.

Solo: A Star Wara Story is released May 25th.

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