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Deadpool 2

‘Deadpool 2’ Writer Debunks Recent Villain Rumor

Rumors are what make Hollywood so darn special, but with that there are always going to be a few that are incorrect. According to a Twitter user with some bad information, Deadpool 2 is making a drastic change with one of their characters but that was quickly shot down by a crew member.

Twitter was buzzing off the information that Deadpool 2 had cut a villain from its flick, and with that many people where worried that there was no possibility of seeing Jack Kesy in his unnamed role. Popcorn Talk, Meet the Movie Press announced that after a poll they did, information came to them that he may not be present in the film.

“I hear he got cut from the movie…. Break News” Jeff Snieder announced, “I don’t know if we will be seeing Jack Kesy in Deadpool 2, well see.”

And like wildfire, the news spread, and it was unstoppable until the co-writer, Rhett Reese, stepped in and corrected it with a simple tweet.

Even though this tweet was no more than a single word, it did bring many fans down from their rage about the news. There is still hope that you will see Jack Kesy bring his acting talents to the screen with the upcoming sequel to Deadpool. He has been lacking in all promotional material as of now, which is why the rumor was so easy to believe – but there may be a method to their madness and we will just have to wait and see.

Deadpool 2 is set to release May 18th, 2018 and will feature Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable, not to mention will bring back the talented Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. We also have seen some familiar faces in the trailers and a nice call to X-force, which sparked a funny exchange of words from Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.

Did you believe this rumor? Now that we know it is “Untrue” what are your thoughts! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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