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Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Clip Reveals New Iron Spider Footage

With more TV spots coming out for Avengers: Infinity War, it is no doubt that Marvel fans (and even some new to the scene) are searching long and hard for any glimpse of the Iron Spider. It seems, with a recent one, that glimpse has been caught. Of course, it isn’t too much but just enough to get you a little bit more pumped for the upcoming film.

The trailer shows the Iron Spider’s face rather than the CGI edited images of the old suit vs. the new suit – or the close up without the mask. This is a full on look for less than a second. Can you believe that was all we got? However, this is more than we have had up to this point. It seems that the look is bluer than we thought in the first place but definitely has Tony Stark’s Iron Man, look to it. It is flashy and shiny and very cool.

You can catch it in the short trailer below, at around 5 second, it is quick – but spectacular:

The suit originated because Stark made it for Parker for when Spider-Man was to become part of the Avengers, but with Homecoming, we did see Parker turn down Stark. He was gifted a suit at that time, but this one is the upgrade from that one and we are all excited to see it. It has protein-scale nanotechnology, which means there is enhanced strength for Parker, and that is never a bad thing when they are about to take on a villain 10 times worse than Darth Vader (according to the Russo brothers).

However, we still have not seen the whole suit, and when the film releases April 27th, you can bet that it will be the first thing people are going to look for. Iron Spider is one of Marvel’s big secrets, so don’t expect much more information from it.

Did you catch it before you saw this? Do you wish you could see the whole suit before the film, or keep the mystery? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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