Deep Blue Sea 2

Apparently ‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Is A Very Bad Movie

Normally, when a highly anticipated release is about to be released (or recently released), we compile a list of reviews from all of the notable sources in the industry that have reviewed the film. In the case of Deep Blue Sea 2, no outlets have really reviewed the film. I’m not even sure most people are aware that the movie even exists – though buzz seemed to be pretty high on social media.

On Rotten Tomatoes, there’s only one review for the film, which is summarized as:

Deep Blue Sea 2 is a wet, coarse fin slap to the face of its far superior, and infinitely more fun original shark thriller.

Okay, well. That doesn’t sound too good. We decided to take a look at the IMDb page of the film, and it currently boasts a 3.3 out of 10 rating. Not good either. Here are what some of the user reviews are saying:

Shameless, cheap and inferior remake.

This movie is not worth watching.

Horrible and pointless of a shark thriller.

Immediately annoying.

Stick with the Original..

In the deep blue sea you can hear the Piranha-sharks Squeal and chirp!

Not the worst film that I have seen this year….but that’s not saying too much.

So bad…. it is funny.

When you head over to Twitter, there isn’t much praise there, either:

Well. There you have it. If anything, at least we will always have the first film to watch, which was good in its own way at the time. If you ask me, they should have went forward with that cancelled sequel that was recently talked about – that sounds like it would have at least been worth watching.

We also have The Meg to look forward to in August.

Deep Blue Sea 2 is currently on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Have you seen Deep Blue Sea 2 yet? If so, what did you think? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts on the movie in the comments!

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