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Venom Movie Tom Hardy 2018

Fans React To The First Look At Tom Hardy’s Venom

Earlier tonight, we were given the first look at Venom from the upcoming Venom movie courtesy of some leaked footage from CinemaCon. Pretty much all of the comments that I’ve seen have been positive. Some have been negative, but it’s comic book fans we’re talking about here. There’s also the matter of some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans being overly critical of any type of news associated with the film, even going as far as launching a boycott for the film – simply because it’s not set in the MCU.

While we haven’t been given a trailer for the Tom Hardy lead film yet, the look is enough to get some very interesting reactions – and we have them for you below:

As you can see, the reaction has been pretty positive. As a long time fan of the character, I think the look is pretty spot-on. The character’s creator, Todd McFarlane, should be proud.

We’ll know for sure how everything plays out when Venom hits theaters everywhere on October 5th.

What do you think of Venom’s look for the movie? Are you excited? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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