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Deadpool 2

The Joke Ryan Reynolds Had To Cut From ‘Deadpool 2’

Who better to play the merc with the mouth than the actor with the attitude, okay that was cheesy I know, but Ryan Reynolds is the perfect Deadpool. With Deadpool 2 releasing soon, the promotional material has been coming full force, and with that, many jokes at the expense of everything in their path. However, in a recent interview, it turns out that one joke that was supposed to happen, didn’t quite make the final cut.

Reynolds explains to Entertainment Weekly, that there was a specific joke directed at Disney that was removed from the script at the request of Fox. The screenwriters, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were forced to remove the bit from the script and Reynolds believes it was the right thing to do.

“This is a sore spot for me because there’s a joke in the movie that is not in the movie now because — I’m probably not even allowed to say this — Fox made me take it out. It had more to do with Disney, and they made me take it out. As I look back at it, I think maybe that was a wise decision.”

With the Disney-Fox merger in the works and the return of DP to Marvel, of course you could expect a joke or two directed towards the company and how that could be bad for all involved, ignoring the fact there have been recurring jokes towards Disney’s Frozen of course. While we are not sure what scene or remarks were going to be made, looking at the DCEU comments and the others we’ve seen thus far in promotional material, we can only assume it was going to be bad, funny, but bad.

Ryan Reynolds also gave his thoughts on the possible changes that would be made to the DP franchise, if any and he seems to be left in the dark about the topic at this time.

“I really genuinely don’t know a thing about it,” he says. “I read that [chairman and CEO] Bob Iger felt that there’s plenty of room in that universe to have a rated-R character like Deadpool. This is completely conjecture on my part, but I wouldn’t imagine that Disney bought Fox to dismantle it or something like that. I think that Disney bought Fox so it could have that in its arsenal.”

While fans are eagerly awaiting Deadpool 2, which is set to release May 18th, we could all but assuming that even without the Disney jokes that have been removed that the film will be great. Not having a Deadpool 3 may just be a bad move on Disney’s behalf from the amount of revenue that Ryan Reynolds character brings in.

All we can do now is wait and see what happens in the upcoming merger, and laugh until our lungs fall out at the upcoming sequel.

Any guesses at what joke they could have made at Disney’s expense?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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