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Deadpool 2 Cameos

All The Cameos In ‘Deadpool 2’ – Including One You Definitely Missed

Deadpool 2 has opened to some huge numbers already, and has the world talking and laughing. The film gives you tons of meta, 4th wall breaking, jokes that brought in all kinds of pop culture references, including the MCU, the DCEU, and everything surrounding. Another thing the film did was bring in quite a bit of star power for some interesting and hilarious cameos. Let’s break them down here.

First, the ones you probably caught:

Alan Tudyk – Alan Tudyk, prolific screen, stage, and voice actor, arguably best known for his time on Firefly, is the first person to see Cable when he finally arrives in the past. Sporting a mullet and having a beer, whilst having an overly existential conversation about the inadequacies of toilet paper with his drinking buddy (more on him later).

The X-Men – During the X-Mansion scene, Wade Wilson once again complains about the huge, empty mansion with only Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead there, as if “the studio was too cheap to get any other X-Men”. As Wade goes down the hall, however, you see an open door to a side room and inside is none other than the X-Men from X-Men: Apocalypse! You see James McAvoy’s Professor X, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, Nick Hoult’s Beast (in all his blue, furry glory), Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops, and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm. Realizing that Deadpool might see them, Beast slowly and quietly shuts the door. Just a great little cameo and a fantastic laugh.

Brad Pitt – Yep, you read that right. Brad Pitt is in Deadpool 2! But, you probably almost missed ‘em. Mostly because he was invisible for 99% of his scenes. (No, no Drax invisible, but invisible, nonetheless) You see, Brad Pitt was the Vanisher, the invisible member of the first iteration of Deadpool’s X-Force. We don’t actually get to see who he actually is until his unfortunate run in (or fall in?) with some power lines, thus revealing the A-List actor as he was electrocuted to death.

And now, the ones you may have missed:

Matt Damon Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel

Matt Damon – That’s right, Matt Damon. In yet ANOTHER uncredited cameo in a Marvel movie (remember his take on Loki in the play on Asgard from Thor: Ragnarok?), Matt Damon is totally unrecognizable in heavy make-up (including a fat suit) as the other redneck during Cable’s arrival in the past. He doesn’t spot Cable at first, as his back is to him, and ends up knocked out.

He is even listed in the credits as “Dickie Greenleaf”, a nod to his character in The Talented Mr. Ripley. It also looks like Damon turned down the role of Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel that Jake Gyllenhaal took today.

Thanks to ScreenRant for letting this cat outta the bag.

Ryan Reynolds – Okay, guys, before you say anything, like “I totally noticed him in the post credits scene as himself!” or “How can the star of the film make a cameo in his own film?!” Well, if anyone can do it, it’s Reynolds. And we’re not talking about the end credits here. We’re talking a major character in the film that is NOT Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds was actually the voice and facial mo-cap for none other than Juggernaut! Reynolds helped bring the unstoppable force that is the long time X-Men villain to life, giving fans their first proper look at the behemoth on the big screen (we won’t talk about X-Men 3). And, considering the big, bad, chrome dome was seen slowly climbing out of the pool (where he was pretty much left for dead) as the heroes walked away from the scene.

So, did you guys catch all the cameos? Did you catch one that we may have missed? Leave your comments below!

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