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Colossus Thanos Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2’s Stefan Kapicic Wants To See Colossus Fight Thanos

Deadpool 2 featured quite a bit of Colossus (who’s complaining?) and we definitely saw a different side of the character than we saw in the first film. He went up against (spoilers) the Juggernaut and it was a moment that many fans have been talking about since. So who’s next for the colossal (pun intended) Marvel character?

At a recent press event we attended in London, actor Stefan Kapičić, spoke about how going up against the Juggernaut was one of his favorite aspects of the recent sequel as well as revealing who he would like to square off against next. Perhaps not too surprising, he wants to go up against one of the most talked about villains of late – The Mad Titan, Thanos. He revealed:

“I wanna’ fight Thanos, which would be weird because we have Thanos playing Cable. But you know, CGI can do a lot of stuff.”

Obviously, this isn’t something that is likely to happen anytime soon with the two characters currently owned by two different studios, but it certainly would be a spectacle to behold although I can’t imagine it ending well for Colossus.


When asked about anything from the characters comic history that he would like to see on screen, he had a very definitive and feasible answer – Colossus’ sister Magik. He explained:

“I’m waiting for Colossus to meet his sister, Illyana, and New Mutants are coming next year, so I’m hoping you’ll have Rasputin’s back together in a movie. We will see what’s gonna’ happen, but I’m really counting on that. That would be really fantastic to see.”

Anya Taylor-Joy is currently set to portray Illyana Rasputin in next year’s The New Mutants, although whether they will address the characters connection remains to be seen. With the possibility of the universe potentially being rebooted as a result of the upcoming acquisition by Disney (assuming Comcast doesn’t get in the way) time may be running out for the characters to meet.

What do you think? Would you like to see Colossus take on Thanos? What about teaming up with Magik? Let us know below.

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