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IT: Chapter 2 The Losers Club

The Adult Losers Club Cast For ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Is Now Complete

Ever since the horrifying and highly successful reboot of Stephen King’s classic killer clown epic, IT, hit theaters last year, fans have been clamoring for IT: Chapter 2, which sees the Losers Club all grown up and taking on Pennywise the Clown. Casting wish lists engulfed the internet at a frenzy pace, but filling out the actual cast has been much more of a slow burn Over the last several months, we would get a trickle of casting info here and there. But, finally, we now know the complete cast for the highly anticipated sequel.

Pennywise the Clown IT Movie Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård is of course returning as Pennywise, the demonic antagonist in clown form. The Losers Club adult reunion is not by happenstance, but rather is 27 years after the first film, right when Pennywise is set to return.

IT Chapter 2 Bill Denbrough James McAvoy

James McAvoy is the adult Ben Denbrough, leader and the “glue” of the Losers Club, who has an even more personal vendetta against Pennywise. McAvoy is coming off the filming of Glass and Dark Phoenix.

IT: Chapter 2 Beverly Marsh Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is playing Beverly Rogen (formally Marsh, but no married). Reuniting with Dark Phoenix co-star, McAvoy, as well as Mama director Andy Muschietti, Chastain brings a soulful female presence to the team.

IT: Chapter 2 Jay Ryan Ben Hanscom

The adult Ben Hanscom is being played by Jay Ryan, best known for CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Gone are the days of being the chunky loser, as Ryan brings a fit hunkiness out of the chunkiness.

IT: Chapter 2 Richie Tozier Bill Hader

SNL alum Bill Hader will be playing Richie Tozer, all grown up. Tozer was the wisecracking goof of the group, so Hader will bring his comedic talents along with some stoic drama that he is not as well know for, but can definitely deliver.

IT Chapter Two Isaiah Mustafa Mike Hanlon

The final casting announcement came in the form of the adult version of Mike Hanlon, to be played by the Old Spice guy (no, not Terry Crews, the other guy), Isiah Mustafa.

IT: Chapter 2 Eddie James Ransone

James Ransone, from the Sinister series, will be playing Eddie Kaspbrak, the fearful hypochondriac of the group. Hopefully his adult self has a bit more of a backbone for the sequel.

IT: Chapter 2 Stanley Uris Andy Bean

Another nervous member of the Losers Club, and rounding out the group, Stanley Uris, will be played by Andy Bean. A bit of a breakout star in the Starz series, Power, Bean hopes to catapult his fame with this film.

IT Movie Deleted Scene Henry Bowers

The only person yet to be cast is the adult Henry Bowers. Henry, the big bully from the first film who ends up in a mental institution after the brutal death of his father, his character still has a lot to offer the sequel, so hopefully a new update happens soon (if his character is actually in the film more than a fleeting moment or as an off hand comment).

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters everywhere on September 6th, 2019.

What do you think of this news? Are you a fan of the casting choices for The Losers Club? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!

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