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First Detailed Look At New Predator Suit From ‘The Predator’

We’re a good three months away from the release of The Predator, but the movie’s marketing campaign has now kicked into a comfortable gear, giving us a good insight into what Shane Black has in store for audiences with his attempt to reboot the ailing franchise. So far we’ve had a pretty smart poster, a couple of entertaining trailers, and some new promotional shots have now appeared online that give us an extremely detailed look at the film’s eponymous protagonist. (Well, one of them at least….)

Whilst a significant amount of the movie’s plot remains under wraps, we’ve still managed to find out quite a lot of detail about what will take place. The story sees a sinister corporation using a veterans hospital as a front for carrying out sinister experiments on serving and former US soldiers. Boyd Holbrook’s special forces operator arrives at the hospital having survived an encounter with one of the legendary alien bounty hunters, only for another bunch to come after him in search of their fallen comrade’s missing tech.

It falls to Holbrook to pull together a group of damaged soldiers in an effort to combat the invading pack of extraterrestrial hunters. This group includes Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Sterling K Brown and Keegan Michael-Key. The impressive cast also features Edward James-Olmos, Olivia Munn, Yvonne Strahovski, Jacob Tremblay and Jake Busey, who will be playing the son of Agent Peter Keyes, who his father played back in Predator 2.

The Predator Movie 2018

Carrying on from their depiction in 2010’s Predators, the new movie will feature Predator Hounds and other hunting creatures, as well as three different species of Predator. One of the new versions has already been glimpsed in the film’s second trailer, a 10 foot tall ‘Super-Predator’, a product of the creatures ongoing evolution using the DNA of the lesser races they encounter and conquer.

This week, 20th Century Fox held a big media presentation at Barcelona’s CineEurope, where visual effects studio ADI unveiled (via AvP Galaxy) one of the costumes they created for the movie, and it’s pretty darned impressive to behold. The suit retains all of the features that made the 1987 debut version of the character such a hit, but is also pimped our with a shiny black paint job, complete with golden accessories and highlights.

New Predator Suit 2018

New Predator Suit 2018

With the iconic film series never really having managed to replicate the success of the original movie in the thirty years that have passed since its release, fans will be hoping that Black will be able to use his intimate knowledge of the series (having played Hawkins in the 1987 film) to erase the damage done to the brand in those awful Alien vs. Predator crossovers.

The Predator is expected in cinemas September 14th, 2018.

What do you think of the new suit? Are you looking forward to the movie? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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