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New Captain Marvel Theory Has Big MCU Implications

Captain Marvel is no stranger to fan theories or fan discussions, but it seems that Kevin Feige’s recent announcement about the Skrulls coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has kicked off yet another one. Captain Marvel’s film is now the center of the invasion discussion involving the Skrulls coming to planet Earth.

The Skrulls are known for their intense and almost impossible to detect ability to infiltrate other worlds by shape-shifting. It’s almost impossible to tell who and who isn’t a Skrull – with them taking the form of anyone they want and possibly even mimicking super powers.

With Marvel Studios being quite capable of setting up a 10-year plan of ‘getting to the point’, it makes perfect sense that they will need an introduction that would catch the audience. The 90’s setting for Captain Marvel could be the perfect time to watch the destruction of the Skrull home – leaving them to invade Earth and hiding themselves amongst the people.

Captain Marvel Skrulls

Following the plot to 2008’s Secret Invasion, this theory would mean that Captain Marvel would in fact be the main introduction to the Skrulls – and would leave another long-term plan in place for Marvel to go on. It would also allow them to follow the story of S.H.I.E.L.D members being infiltrated. However, Feige is also known to misdirect and this could be another ploy to throw fans off the scent of what they truly have in store.

With this new theory floating about, it also begs the question that since Marvel is not known for following the comic books closely, this may just be a one and done main event rather than a set up. It is also possible that we are all wrong and have no idea what is truly headed our way.

Captain Marvel is set to release March 8th, 2019 and as the fan theories continue to add up, keep in mind that Marvel Studios gets a twisted enjoyment out of messing with our minds. For now, we have that post-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War to mull over.

What do you think about this fan theory? Do you have another one involving the invasion of the Skrull? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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