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‘Avengers 4’ Theory Suggests One Very Sad MCU Character Death

Avengers: Infinity War brought a much unexpected plot twist in the deaths of MCU heroes we never anticipated seeing turn to dust, all while many heroes expected to bite the big one survived. After hundreds of tissues and several hours of therapy later, fans worldwide wiped their tears and realized that in some way shape or form, these heroes had to return. But, does that mean others will have to be sacrificed in Avengers 4?

While many do not expect the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and other MCU originals to make it out alive (the actors’ contracts are up, after all), there is a new theory speculating that a certain member of the Guardians of the Galaxy may not be around for Vol. 3. One of the GotG may make the ultimate sacrifice to bring back his fellow compadres, and it may not be the one you would expect.

According to a new theory over on Reddit, everyone’s favorite cynical trash panda, Rocket Raccoon, may very well give his own life to save the rest of the team. A lot of the theory points back to the conversation between Yondu and Rocket in GotG Vol. 2, where Yondu tells the triangle faced monkey that the two of them are the same, always looking out for themselves.

Avengers: Infinity War Groot Rocket Raccoon

But, later in the film, Yondu sacrifices himself to save his adoptive son, Peter Quill. This leads to an incredibly emotional scene that sees Yondu’s valor resurrected in his death. It also sees Rocket having a bit of a revelation of why he is the way he is, and sees a bit of growth in his character.

Then, of course, Rocket loses Groot once again at the end of Infinity War, hitting him with yet another huge emotional blow. Add that to his higher level of maturity in this film, and his growth may very well be at its highest. Top that with Marvel’s love of the sacrifice from an unexpected source (Tony Stark willing to sacrifice his life in the first Avengers film, Yondu’s sacrifice, Loki’s sacrifice in Dark World [albeit an ultimately fake one], etc.), and the sole surviving Guardian may very well be the only one who doesn’t make it out of Avengers 4 alive.

This theory is just pure speculation from a fan, but it carries a lot of merit if you look at the trends of the films and the story arc of the character. At the end of the day, we won’t know anything until the film’s release in May of 2019. Until then, fans will continue to come up with as many theories as their imaginative and inquisitive minds can think up.

What do you think of this theory? If not Rocket, who do you think will make the ultimate sacrifice? Let us know in the comments below!

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