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Venom Movie Leak

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‘Venom’ Movie Leak Gives Us A New Look At The Title Character

Sony has been pulling out all the stops this year at San Diego Comic-Con, especially when it comes to the Venom movie. After an abysmal response to the first trailer they released, Sony reworked a new trailer which sparked some more positive responses. Now, at SDCC, they have shown new footage of a more brutal Venom biting the heads off of evil doers, as well as battles with his offspring, namely Riot and Scream (and others, albeit fleetingly shown). We learned that Riz Ahmed’s character, Life Foundation Head Carlton Drake, will become Riot himself, most likely meaning that he is the main villain for this film.

Now, we have a leaked photo from the footage, showing our best look yet at the titular character. In it, we see Venom in all his grinning, slobbering glory, his nasty, fanged teeth glistening in a very terrifying manner. It shows him from about chest level up, but the best part of this pic is that it gives a clearer picture of the white veins that spread throughout his body. This means we will still get a great black/white contrast in the character, but without the necessity of a large white spider on his chest. It looks fantastic and plays so well into this cinematic version of the character.

Many purists have complained about Spider-Man not being a part of this film, but, after the comments from Director Ruben Fleischer, many feel that they will do the anti-hero justice, without the need for the ole Web Head to swing in. However, Fleischer did leave the door open for later cameos from the Wall Crawler, so we may get some type of interaction between the two sometime down the line.

For now, we will just have to nibble on these Sony tidbits until the film finally hits theaters this October 5th.

What do you think of Venom’s look? Let us know in the comments below!

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