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Crazy New Fan Theory Says There’s NO Time Travel in ‘Avengers 4’

For every great fan theory out there for the upcoming finale to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3, the still untitled Avengers 4, there are 1,000 crazy theories with zero merit out there to filter through. Unfortunately, some of those crazy theories end up getting some traction and lead some fans down the wrong path. This new theory from Reddit user, thatdudeiknew, is one of those theories. We’ll start with the theory itself, and then we’ll break it down from there.

‘The “leaked” pictures of Avengers 4 may be fake, and time travel is either not in Avengers 4 or it is used in ways we have not seen yet.

Now initially that theory may seem far fetched, as Marvel would never try to fool its audience right? Well, certain actors have been given fake scripts and the trailers have been altered some, so I would say it’s not unreasonable that Marvel could have taken a few pictures and leaked them intentionally. Marvel has been pretty good about keeping its secrets so far, and it would seem strange that something like that would be leaked unintentionally. Perhaps Marvel leaked these photos to prevent actual spoilers from being leaked.

Why would Marvel choose to avoid time travel? Many reasons.

Time Travel is a dangerous thing to bring into a fictional universe. It is confusing to viewers and can create massive plot holes.

There are two ways we have seen time travel can work in the MCU (quantum realm and time stone), and both seem unlikely. The first way time travel could be used is through Ant Man, and this is unlikely to me because he’s not that popular. It would be a strange creative choice to have him play a significant role in A4 after having no role in A3, especially because a solo Antman movie was released AFTER Infinity War. The last we saw of him was in the quantum realm, so an opening scene would have to involve him in some way if he is to play a significant role. The other alternative to Antman playing a significant role is through the use of the time stone.

There is a theory that Tony will receive the time stone at the beginning of A4 and use that to stop Thanos. There are two problems with that theory. The first is that Tony has no way to get back to Earth currently, as he does not know how to fly a spaceship nor does he have access to one. The other issue with that theory, and it is a significant one, is that this theory has nothing to do with Ant Man. If the set pictures are real, then this theory is incorrect, as Stark is using Antman to time travel instead of the time stone.

So what’s the missing piece to this puzzle? Captain Marvel. I expect her to play a much more significant role than people are talking about.’

Okay. Where do we start on this theory, right? So, I guess we’ll start at the top. The initial part of the post states that the leaked behind the scenes pictures and videos from Avengers 4 are fake, purposely ‘leaked’ to try and throw fans off. The poster sites that Marvel is known for throwing fans off with fake trailers and false scripts given to their actors, in case they spoil something.

While this is true, the idea of recreating the entire Battle of New York set from the first Avengers movie, just to throw in Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr. would be the most expensive swerve ever! The literal millions of dollars spent to get a few photos and videos ‘leaked’ to throw fans off is just preposterous. Come on, man!

Avengers 4 Doctor Strange Ant-Man and the Wasp

Secondly, the Reddit user states that introducing time travel into a fictional world is dangerous and could create many plot holes. While this may be true for some amateur writers, Marvel Studios has a firm grasp on what there doing. Also, THIS ISN’T THEIR FIRST GO AT TIME TRAVEL IN THE MCU! They have already explored time travel in Doctor Strange, as well as touched on it in Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Not to mention that it has all but been confirmed for the film.

On that note, the poster speaks about Ant-Man with such disregard for the character that it is almost sickening. First off, the user talks as if Ant-Man’s first solo film is after Infinity War, but it is actually his second film, and his third MCU appearance overall.

Avengers 4 Quantum Realm Ant-Man

And, while Ant-Man did not have a presence in the third film, Marvel definitely made him a huge player for A4 with their post credits scene in his sequel. When Janet Van Dyne all but spills the beans about time travel when telling Scott Lang to watch out for time vortexes in the Quantum Realm, she practically puts the plot for A4 out there with just one line.

And, with Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm, these time vortexes will not only be his only real path out, but it explains how he and Tony Stark travel back to the Battle of New York (thus the Quantum Bracelets they’re wearing in the leaked pics).

Avengers 4 MCU Theory

Now, the user talks about the theory that Tony gets a hold of the Time Stone somehow. This part of this crazy theory I partially agree with, because I don’t see him getting the stone, unless its with using the Quantum Realm to first travel back to before Thanos has attained it. However, his reasoning doesn’t make sense.

Tony can get back to Earth, because Nebula, who also survived the snap, has a ship and can pilot it to Earth. Also, this theory DOESN’T negate Ant-Man’s importance to time travel, as I previously stated it would be through the Quantum Realm that Tony gets a hold of the Time Stone.

Finally, this theory puts everything on Captain Marvel’s shoulders, even stating that people are downplaying her importance. First off, everyone understands just how important she will be in this film. Just look at the Nick Fury post credit scene! Also, this notion negates his reasoning for Ant-Man NOT being important, as she didn’t have any part in Infinity War, either, and she will only have her solo flick just two months prior to A4!

Avengers 4 MCU Captain Marvel Iron Man Thanos

Let’s put all of this into perspective. These theories where people try to downplay others’ theories and put out their own need to stop, especially when no real thought is put into it. True fans can see all the groundwork that Marvel has put in place, and while we may not have all the answers, we can definitely see past theories like this and not discount what we do know already.

This is one of the best examples of ‘take all theories with a grain of salt’, as well as ‘do research before you speak’.

What do you think of this theory? Do you agree with all the holes in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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