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Henry Cavill Responds To Rumors That He’s Leaving Superman Role

Man, do I love Henry Cavill! Not only does this man love what he does and loves his fans, but he has no problem taking a stab at some of the idiocy that has surrounded him today! With the rumors that started this morning about his departure as Superman, fans have been in a downright tizzy over whether it is true or not. While many sites took the rumor as definitive and declared he term as the Man of Steel to be over, his manager and WB posted contrary posts to say he’s still the Big Blue Boy Scout. Now, the man himself has posted a rather hilarious video on his Instagram account that all but declares his devotion to the character.


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Today was exciting #Superman

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While playing The Blue Danube Waltz, but with dogs barking, Cavill slowly rises a Superman action figure, looking somber while wearing his Krypton Lifting Team shirt. This is genius. Without saying a word, Cavill has just completely squashed all the rumors of him leaving the character, all while doing it in an amusing kind of middle finger to all those sites that swore this unfounded rumor was gospel.

Cavill has always express his admiration and love for the character, as well as being able to bring him to life on the big screen. While WB has no current plans to make a sequel to Man of Steel, Cavill is still ready to don the cape, whenever the time is right.

This video should put all of this controversy to rest once and for all. Cavill is Kal-El. Cavill is Clark Kent. Cavill is Superman. Period.

What did you think of the video? Are you happy to know he’s sticking around? Let us know in the comments below!

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