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Miramax Teases Development Of New ‘Scream’ And ‘Hellraiser’ Movies

David Gordon Green and Blumhouse‘s sequel to John Carpenter‘s classic slasher, Halloween, is being released soon and early reviews are certainly looking like it’s going to be a massive success. Expectations were incredibly high but it’s looking like it will deliver and smash it at the box office. If this is so, we should definitely expect more Halloween-esque horror sequels. Not only has Blumhouse’s Jason Blum confirmed that he would like to get involved with other projects like this, but now the Miramax CEO has confirmed the very real possibility of new sequels to some well-loved horror franchises in Scream and Hellraiser.

Bill Block of Miramax spoke to Cinema Blend about the future of a couple of horror franchises, namely Scream and Hellraiser. Although he kept fairly tight lipped and didn’t reveal any specifics, it is looking very much like both projects may be in the pipeline for Mirimax. He said:

“Halloween was a Miramax license, and you’ll see more of these coming from the studio now… I will have some things to share with you. You mentioned something there that we’re working on – two things in there that we’re working on [Hellraiser and Scream]. This is going to be a part of the new program.”

Although a lot of horror remakes and reboots haven’t been all that successful with fans in the past, it’s very much looking like Halloween will change that. Making it a direct sequel to the first movie was a good move and even John Carpenter revealed that he believes it is the best movie since his original. Given Halloween‘s probable success, and the success of a few recent films in the genre, the future for horror is looking bright.

Watch Halloween in theatres on October 19.

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