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Child's Play New Chucky

Fans React To ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot’s New Chucky – And It’s Not Good

It’s no surprise that the upcoming Child’s Play reboot has gotten a pretty negative reaction. Fans have already deemed the movie pointless, considering there’s a series already in development set in the same continuity of the original films. Just last week, we were given our first look at the new Chucky doll, and that made fans think it was even more pointless. Fans aren’t the only ones who aren’t on board, though, as Chucky co-creator Don Mancini shared his very straightforward thoughts on the movie.

Here’s a sample of fan reaction for the movie:

It wasn’t all bad:

Director of the upcoming reboot, Lars Klevberg, recently spoke about the film, saying:

“Child’s Play was, and is, one of my all-time horror movies and it was one of my introductions to horror. I got the script [for the remake] and it was really really good, and I knew it was from the producers from IT, and I jumped in immediately.”

When asked about Mancini’s non-approval of the film, Klevberg said:

“Everyone is a huge fan of Don Mancini. [If] he was making this movie with us it would be really amazing, but we understand he has his reasons. We are extremely grateful to him and will always be. He’s someone I look up to.”

He also said they haven’t cast someone to play the role of Chucky yet, as we know it won’t be Brad Dourif:

“Our Chucky will be our Chucky and he will be presented when the movie comes out. We haven’t cast that role yet.”

This will definitely be something we’re monitoring. For the record, we’re open to giving it a chance. Here’s hoping it delivers.

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