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New Action Figure Reveals Deleted Scene From ‘The Predator’

Shane Black’s The Predator has been caught in many strings of news with its theatrical cut. Everything from third act reshoots to controversial deleted scenes has us wondering how much of the film was affected with studio meddling. While we twiddle our thumbs waiting for whatever the BluRay cut offers us, we have our next source of a deleted scene from our favorite merchandise spoiler: action figures.

Famed figure company NECA has unveiled their latest product yesterday in the form of the Emissary Predator. This one offers a very peculiar combination of human camouflage and even an Earth-originated rifle. While we’ve seen the use of Predator technology being used by humans, it’s still hard to see The Predator be full-on equipped with human weapons. Well, minus the few shots from the Fugitive Predator escaping the institution.

While this brings up a lot of questions on the choice to tack human gear on an advanced alien species, the real kicker is in the product description:

From the new Predator movie directed by Shane Black! Although their scenes were deleted from the final cut of the movie, the Emissary Predators were military Predators who fought alongside the Loonies.

From the sound of it, one of the many shoots that were glossed over would have had a more physical alliance with the Loonies and other Predators going up against the Mega Predator. Undoubtedly this sort of rally would have brought higher stakes to how immensely powerful Mega Predator is. At the same time, how much would it have made the film better? While some of us liked it, some fans were split with the innovative decisions Black made for the lore.

We’ll have to see with the home release gives us, which is speculated for December 2018. The NECA figure is set to be released early next month.

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