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‘Avengers 4’ Leaked Toys Reveal Some Interesting New Details

Although Marvel can do everything in their power to keep all details about Avengers 4 under wraps, something always manages to slip through. Apart from Mark Ruffalo, their biggest downfall is always merchandise. Today’s latest leak is just the most recent in a long line of examples of blockbuster films being spoiled by toys.

A leaked image of a set of Avengers figurines appeared on the internet today, seemingly confirming the leaked box art of Thor and Rocket Raccoon found earlier this month. The image correlates with what can be seen in this leak on the right hand side, where the two can be seen in matching white uniforms.

This was just posted on twitter – leaked pictures of figurines of Avengers 4 characters (SPOILERS) from r/marvelstudios

Speculation suggests these are space suits or maybe even designed for the quantum realm. They are joined by Captain America directly below them, who was also teased with the same white space suit.

As exciting it is to get closer to confirmation on these white suits, the part of the image getting fans talking the most is below the white suited Avengers, where Iron Man can be seen stood next to another Iron Suit. It’s likely that this is just an alternate suit for Stark to use in the film, but it’s just as likely that this could be the introduction of Pepper Potts in costume as Rescue.

Avengers: Infinity War Tony Stark Pepper Potts

Fans have been waiting years for Gwyneth Paltrow to suit up along side her A-List costars and after an image she uploaded to Twitter last year of her in a Mo-cap suit for the Avengers films, looks like we could be getting just that.

Whilst the rest of the images is mostly too blurry for confirmation on most characters, it’s notable that Thanos can be seen pictured on the bottom left. He’s shown in full armor with the new weapon he has been teased to be receiving in recent leaks. Let’s hope this is true because from the looks of the Avengers, Thanos will need all the help he can get to hold them back this time.

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