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Russo Brothers Confirm Mark Ruffalo Is “Fired” For ‘Avengers 4’ Spoiler

If there is one thing marvel fans can be sure of, it’s that Mark Ruffalo will inevitably spoil any film he’s in. From streaming the first 15 minutes of the Thor: Ragnarok premiere to basically spoiling the ending of Infinity War months in advance, if Ruffalo has a role, we’ll know all about it. With sixth months left until Avengers 4 premieres, an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show seems to have given him the perfect opportunity to spoil again.

Ruffalo took to Twitter just hours before the episode aired, asking Fallon personally to censor a little “mishap” he’d had during the show’s recordings, in which he claims to have spoiled the movies title. Although the chances of Ruffalo really knowing the title are as slim as Tom Holland knowing literally anything about the film, the stunt probed entertaining, with even the films directors chiming in by “firing” Ruffalo on Twitter.

Now, this was a week ago and was taken lightly by most who read it, with Mark even making similar remarks this week after the Russo Brother’s dropped a potential spoiler themselves to signify the end of reshoots for the film. The image itself was also posted on Twitter, so naturally, Ruffalo called them out on their spoilers, to which they remarked that he was “still fired.”

The image posted by the Russo Brothers is very non-revealing and gives no significant clue as to anything that happens in the film, whilst fans have put lots of time into removing the censor from Ruffalo to reveal he stated the film title was “The Last Avenger” showing that once again, his leaks do a lot more harm than any others.

Whether this is the actual title is definitely up for debate and the chances of anyone revealing the truth any time soon is unlikely. One thing we can hope for is that even after all his mistakes, Ruffalo stays part of the team and gets a chance to (finally) suit up properly in Avengers 4.

What do you think the title of Avengers 4 could be? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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