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Avengers 4 Trailer Delay

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‘Avengers 4’ Trailer Said To Be Delayed Due To George H.W. Bush Funeral

Avengers 4 trailer news – will it ever end? No, it probably won’t. While we know the initial plan was for the film’s first trailer to be released this week, that apparently is no longer the case. It’s said to be due to the funeral of former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush. Of course, this is just a rumor, but here’s what is being rumored at this moment in time:

And then, as usual, Jeremy Conrad, decided he wanted to get some Twitter attention, and he wasn’t busy encouraging others to bully our website, so he decided to join in as well:

There’s also this:

So there you have it. The trailer was going to come this week, but now it’s most likely not. Sony is apparently planning on releasing a Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, though, for whatever reason. We’re guessing it’s money related. Regardless, here’s hoping we do get that Avengers 4 trailer sometime soon.

Update: A new report says we will get the trailer this Friday.

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