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Hugh Jackman Calls Out Ryan Reynolds For Ignoring Deadpool Challenge

The “feud” between Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, and former Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman, is the stuff of legend. Their friendly banter has been a shining light in a tumultuous 2018. What all started with an attempt to get Jackman to reprise his role as the uber popular X-Men character in one of the Deadpool movies has turned into a back and forth social media jousting event that has fans laughing hysterically all year. They’ve blown up Twitter with their constant jabs, and even made “political attack ads” to help each other promote their latest projects. They really have established “relationship goals” for anyone with a best friend.

The latest news, however, has Jackman on top of their exchanges. Reynolds had commented on appearing in Jackman’s upcoming tour, where Hugh will be performing his best songs from his musical roles, like Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman. Reynolds even offered to appear in the show as Deadpool, completely in costume. In response, Jackman told him to audition for the tour, to make sure he has the chops to keep up.

Apparently, Reynolds hasn’t responded or appeared for a tryout, cause Hugh is now calling him out on it.

While we wait to see if Reynolds auditions or not, it would be great to see the two of them on stage together. While it wouldn’t be the Wolverine/Deadpool movie fans have been begging for, it would be a nice treat to catch the two together in a performance. Even if its tongue-in-cheek. Regardless of whether that happens or not, this “spat” between these two “frenemies” is a fun interaction that fans truly enjoy.

What do you think of this “battle” between Jackman and Reynolds? Will Ryan answer Hugh’s challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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