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‘Terminator 6’ Behind The Scenes Video Reveals First Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tim Miller (Deadpool) is currently directing the latest Terminator movie, set to be a true sequel to the first two films, ignoring the rest. And, the original Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is returning to portray not only a T-800, but also the human for which his design originates. This has fans excited for what should bring us a sequel worthy of the first two. However, production has been fairly quiet, flying under the radar in a day when just about every blockbuster film has leaks.

Besides the few official photos released, not much has been said about the production. But now, a new BTS video with Arnold gives a look at what may be the look for his new human character. It also serves as a bit of a memorial for longtime producer, Andy Vajna, who unfortunately passed away on January 20th.

This video also serves as a bit of a commercial for the Hungary Film Commission, as its focus is on how great it is to shoot the film in Budapest. We do get some glimpses of the sets being used, but nothing really gives away much. This film is seemingly moving towards finally giving fans the third film they’ve been clamoring for ever since the mega hit T2 hit theaters all the way back in 1991.

What we do know is that Arnold is joined by fellow alum, Linda Hamilton, who is reprising her role as reluctant mother of Earth’s savior turned bad ass warrior, Sarah Conner. There will also be some new characters, including Mackenzie Davis as the yet to be named lead. Hopefully we’ll get an official trailer soon, as the film is set to hit theaters November 2nd, 2019.

Are you excited for this sequel? Will they nail it, or will it be yet another bust? Let us know in the comments below!

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