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Batman Ben Affleck

Official Odds For Ben Affleck’s Batman Replacement Actor Revealed

So, it would seem that you can bet on anything nowadays. With the recent news of Ben Affleck leaving behind the role of Batman and Matt Reeves moving forward with his The Batman project, a couple of online betting sites have set up betting odds on who is most likely going to don the cowl next. The two most predominant lists come from BoyleSports and MyBookie, and they’re quite different.

First, let’s look at BoyleSports’ list:

  • 7/2 Armie Hammer
  • 11/2 Jake Gyllenhaal
  • 13/2 Jon Hamm
  • 8/1 Michael B. Jordan
  • 8/1 Ben Barnes
  • 9/1 John Krasinski
  • 10/1 Jamie Dornan
  • 16/1 Josh Brolin
  • 16/1 Matthew Goode
  • 16/1 Chris Pratt
  • 16/1 Michael Fassbender
  • 16/1 Chris Pine
  • 18/1 Ryan Gosling
  • 33/1 Leonardo DiCaprio
  • 33/1 Idris Elba
  • 50/1 Keanu Reeves
  • 50/1 Daniel Craig
  • 50/1 Colin Farrell
  • 50/1 Tom Hardy
  • 50/1 Chris Evans
  • 100/1 Cillian Murphy
  • 100/1 Ewan McGregor
  • 100/1 Henry Cavill
  • 100/1 Hugh Jackman

This list has Armie Hammer as it’s top pick. The actor may not be too well received, however, after his highly insensitive tweets in the wake of Stan ‘The Man’ Lee’s passing, as he is arguably the most beloved person in all of geekdom. Some other interesting names on the list include Michael B. Jordan, whose name seems to always be thrown in to replace someone, and people already in superhero roles, like Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, and Chris Pines.

The other site, MyBookie, has a different list, and list their odds Vegas style:

  • Kit Harington +165
  • Jon Hamm +200
  • Riz Ahmed +300
  • Ryan Gosling +350
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt +400
  • Scott Adkins +450
  • Ben Affleck +500
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan +650
  • Jake Gyllenhaal +700
  • Armie Hammer +800
  • Ben Barnes +1000
  • Richard Armitage +1400
  • Darce Montgomery +1500
  • Matthew Goode +2500
  • Tom Hopper +4000
  • Ryan Guzman +4500
  • Will Smith +10000

This site’s options make a little more sense, other than having Affleck on the list with halfway decent odds. Kit Harrington is their top choice, and coming off of Game of Thrones, he would be the hottest choice at the moment. He is done filming the final season of GoT, so he should be able to commit to the role.

It’s crazy to me that people can actually bet on this kind of thing, but hey, who am I to judge? We’ll just have to wait til Warner Bros releases some casting information to find out who’s going to win.

Who do you have your money on? Let us know in the comments below!

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