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Disney Plus Will Be Here In November; Price Revealed

UPDATE: We now know just how much you’re going to have to fork out for Disney’s extensive library and brand new series on Disney Plus. And it’s shockingly low. Coming in at just $6.99 a month, or $69.99 for a year long subscription, Disney + crushes all other streaming services with the cheapest price on the market. Coming out November 12th, get ready for a whole new world of home entertainment!

The original article stands as written.

We live in a world now where everything is on a streaming service. Netflix has become a haven for movies, groundbreaking series, and now the pinnacle of “making it” as a stand up comedian. Following suit, you have Hulu, Amazon, and more. Now, big time companies are starting to make company-specific streaming service. DC Universe offer exclusive series based on their extensive library as well as classic shows, movies, and even digital comic books. WB is also planning its own streaming service, which is why you can’t get Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts 2 on Amazon. The most exciting new service for most fans, though, has to be Disney Plus.

And now we have a good idea of when it will debut.

Although Disney is holding a meeting this week with investors to specifically to discuss the service, The Wall Street Journal let it be known that the service is meant to launch in November. And, with many suspecting that Disney will try and beat Netflix’s prices, as well as putting their entire film library on the service for members, Disney is expecting their service to take off like hotcakes. They are even delegating software developers to dial back other projects to be able to maintain the quality of the stream, considering the probable influx of users when the services launches.

With its extensive library of classics, all the Star Wars and Marvel movies, and the brand new shows planned, this service will be one everybody will want to jump on board with. So, plan your monthly expenses accordingly, cause you’re definitely going to want to snag up this one!

This article was updated with the pricing info for the app.

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