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Captain Marvel Writer Isn’t A Fan Of Carol’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Haircut

Captain Marvel has hit digital release and the controversy surrounding the film continues to follow. From insane petitions to have Academy Award Winner, Brie Larson, pulled from the film due to trolls twisting her words to seemingly attack “white men”, to another petition looking to replace her with a LBGQT actor, to more trolls attacking a deleted scene where Carol Danvers takes on toxic masculinity, it’s been a non stop barrage keyboard warrior attacks and useless propaganda launched at a highly successful film. Now, a whole new “controversy” is brewing, albeit a stretch, and one of ‘Captain Marvel’s’ comic book writers has weighed in with their own distain.

During an interview with ComicBook, longtime ‘Captain Marvel’ writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick, was asked about Carol Danvers new haircut in Avengers: Endgame. She wasn’t exactly excited for it. In fact, she was visibly frustrated, and had quite a response, saying it’s not her chosen hairstyle.

“I will fight you for calling that her real haircut. We’re pistols and dawn, you and I.”

This was in jest, of course, but many people were not very fond of the new look. But, in all fairness, it does resemble the most recent run of comic books. And, while DeConnick had her with long hair during her run, Endgame takes place in 2023, and the modern comic run has this particular hair, so it only makes sense.

At the end of the day, this is a rather stupid thing to get heated over. It is comic accurate, and it also could be changed once again come her next cinematic appearance. Look at Black Widow, who has had a different hairstyle in every single movie she has appeared in thus far. And, it really seems like we’re now scraping the dead bottom of the barrel, looking for something to bitch about with this movie. Let’s just give it a rest and enjoy these films as the entertainment they are meant to be.

Do you like Carol’s new haircut? Let us know in the comments below!

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