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Avengers: Endgame Defeminized Cut

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Edit Cuts Out Feminism, Brie Larson, & “Gay Sh*t”

You know, you would think that, in 2019, people would be far more progressive than they were from, say, the early 1800’s. But, while most of the world is open to all races, genders, creeds, and orientations, there are still some low brow cave trolls out there who actually champion racist, sexist, and homophobic tendencies. Case in point; some ‘fan’ has reedited Avengers: Endgame to exclude all females, homosexuals, and even black heroes.

Circulating the Dark Web, this ‘cut’ but some amateur editor has taken out all the parts with women in powerful roles, even going so far as as to cut out the opening scene with Hawkeye training his daughter in archery, as ‘women should be learning kitchen skills and leave the combat to men’.

NPR first reported on this, which cut out all of Captain Marvel, eliminated the ‘A Force’ scene, and well as the group therapy session with Joe Russo playing the first openly gay character in the MCU and even cut out any scenes with men hugging, like Stark’s return from space and embracing Captain America.

This guy didn’t stop there, because he also cut out Black Panther’s scenes, because ‘he’s not that important’. Even with all that he is done, he still didn’t have the balls to admit he hates black people so much that he cut out a black superhero, simply out of spite.

It is hard to comprehend how people like this even exist, but they do, indeed. Hate is something we are not born with, but rather it is taught to us at a young age and cultivated over time. And, with the easily accessible internet, spreading said hate is easier than ever. It is up to us to quell this hatred and move forward as a people. We need to stand together in solidarity against dreadful bastards such as this one and instead champion love and progress.

I ask of all of our fans to leave nothing but positive comments on this article, and all articles from here on out. Let us stop with the trolling and make this world a better place.

Can you even believe someone stooped so low with this Avengers: Endgame edit? Let us know in the comments below!

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