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Fantastic Four Movie

Kevin Feige Promises To Deliver A Better ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Than We’ve Seen

Ok, fans, the time for speculation is over! The Fantastic Four is officially coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! At the end of the Marvel Panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, which was already full of plenty of surprises, Kevin Feige offered up that the First Family of Marvel will be joining the MCU after Phase 4. Now, Feige has promised to give the world a FF movie that the beloved characters deserve.

During a post panel interview with Variety, Feige spoke of the Fantastic Four finally getting a decent film, but still won’t spoil the film when questioned.

“All of that is spoilers, but I’m extremely excited about those characters and about bringing Marvel’s first family up sort of to the platform and the level that they deserve.”

Honestly, making a Fantastic Four film that is better than all the rest will be a fairly easy task, considering the predecessors. Fox’s first attempt led to two films that are so incredibly stuck in their time, being the embodiment of cheesy 2000’s, that they felt the need to reboot with director Josh Trank. In trying to give it a grittier, more grounded feel, Fox delivered one of the worst movies ever made. And let’s not even talk about the atrocity that is the Roger Corman movie from 1994 that never even saw the light of day.

Fans have been foaming at the mouth for Marvel to get their hands on this property ever since the rumors started about a potential purchase of Fox by Disney. Now that the iconic team is back home with Marvel, expect to see the film fans have been craving for a very long time. And, it’s a relieving feeling knowing that the property is in the hands of the ultra successful MCU.

Are you ready for a proper Fantastic Four film? Let us know in the comments below!

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