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Iron Man 3 Christmas Movie

Disney Plus Confirms ‘Iron Man 3’ Is A Christmas Movie

It’s not uncommon for movie fans to debate whether or not a film could be considered a holiday movie. For example, Die Hard is most commonly considered a Christmas movie by some fans – and Gremlins is another, albeit more obvious, argument from moviegoers of a Christmas movie. Now it seems like fans have taken on similar debates regarding Marvel’s Iron Man 3 – and it turns out Disney Plus might have just taken a side.

In the film Iron Man 3, there are several Christmas references which fans have taken as indications for why the film is in fact a Christmas movie. The film is subtly loaded with Christmas iconography – starting with presents, hats, and of course Christmas trees. The movie also includes a scene where Tony Stark works in his lab while Jingle Bell Rock plays.

Obviously it stands to reason why so many fans would consider Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie, although you may be wondering how Disney Plus considers it as such. It turns out that, if you search the keyword “Christmas” through the streaming service, it will actually include Iron Man 3 in the following results.

While it may not be the most holiday-centric film ever conceived, it does stand to reason why some fans would consider the movie something of a Christmas film. And although the argument may not be as famous as the infamous Die Hard situation, it’s still funny to see Disney Plus include Iron Man 3 with their Christmas titles whether intentional or not.

Many fans have been having a good time with Disney Plus, despite a bumpy launch that included a variety of bugs for early users. But as Disney irons out the problems, it looks like this could be a truly promising application for fans of Disney and their various properties like Marvel and Star Wars.

How do you feel about Iron Man 3 being included as a Christmas title under Disney Plus? Are you enjoying the new streaming service? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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