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Marvel Fans Think Thor Would Beat Captain Marvel In A Fight – According To New Poll

In the recent run of Captain Marvel comics, Carol Danvers has turned evil. She is now sporting a black suit. And she has pledged allegiance to a looming supervillain in the background. Her mission is to kill the Avengers. In issue #12, she crossed another ex-teammate of the list. In a fistfight to the death, she beheaded Thor. Many fans have hated the character. This was mostly due to Brie Larson’s portrayal in the movies. But her actions in the comics just gives more fuel to the haters. Screen Geek conducted a poll on their page devoted to Marvel with over 1.5 million likes. Followers of Marvel Fans have spoken. They do not agree with the recent turn of events.

In the poll conducted by the Marvel Fans Facebook page, most voters believe that Thor would defeat Captain Marvel in a fight. Seventy-three percent voted for Thor, while only twenty-seven percent voted for Captain Marvel – in a poll that featured just under 34,000 votes.

The poll also sparked a debate consisting of over six hundred and fifty comments. Many claimed that the recent MCU appearance was what boosted Danvers to her all-powerful status. Before the movies, she wasn’t as strong. And since Thor is the God of Thunder, he’s always been more powerful than any mortal.

Before she was promoted to Captain, she was only Ms. Marvel. There were a few other Captain Marvels before her. Mar-Vell carried the moniker for the longest time. But he died from cancer. The movie had Annette Bening pull triple duty. She played the classically male characters Mar-Vell and Supreme Intelligence alongside Dr. Wendy Lawson. In the comics, Mar-Vell went by the alias of Dr. Walter Lawson. Arika Akbar played Monica Rambeau, who became another Captain Marvel. Teyonah Parris will play the adult version of her in WandaVision.

Once she was promoted to Captain, a new legacy took over the “Ms.” moniker. The Inhuman, Kamala Kahn took on the role. Disney Plus is developing a Ms. Marvel show on Disney Plus centering around Kamala. But an audition tape hints that Larson may reprise her role on the show.

Many fans may disagree with Captain Marvel #12. They don’t think Danvers would ever be able to kill Thor. Given the history of the two characters, they may be right. But it’s always up to the writers of the story. One may be traditionally stronger than the other. But the writer can throw whatever twists they desire, as they are the ones crafting the battle. In this case, it was Kelly Thompson. And if you’re a fan of Thor, don’t worry too much. Donny Cates will write a different version of the Thunder God in his comic.

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