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Breaking Down The First Trailer For ‘Black Widow’ – Moment By Moment

The first trailer for the MCU’s next film in Black Widow has been dropped. This will launch Phase Four. So let’s get right into the breakdown for what’s teased as another epic installment.


  • Budapest

The trailer opens with an aerial shot of a foreign city. I had to Google it to confirm my beliefs. And yep, that’s Budapest, folks. The stature we see is the Liberty Statue. There were hopes that this movie would cover the time that’s constantly referenced by her and Hawkeye. Not sure if it still will. But it will at least make allusions.


  • Avengers/Red Room Flashbacks

“I used to have nothing.”

Scarlett Johansson’s character has so many versions of her last name. What is it, Natasha? Romanov, Romanova, or Romanoff? Hell, I’m just going to call you Nat.

Nat looks into a mirror while she experiences flashbacks from her Red Room origins. There are little girls in a ballet class. And a young Nat in pistol training. I’m pretty sure these are clips from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“But then I got this job.”

Then there are clips from The Avengers. Nat is smiling at Hawkeye. And there’s Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury. I think she says something about “family.” I’m sure this is because Cap said they were the only family she had.


  • Post-Civil War

“But nothing lasts forever.”

This will occur between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. So by this time, the Avengers have broken up.

Black Widow Thunderbolt Ross

William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross shows his face. It’s ushered by an army convoy. This confirms rumors that he’d reprise his Incredible Hulk role. And the film would follow his plot from Civil War. “So what are you going to do?” he asks.

Nat flips through several ID cards – the Romavs, Romanovas, and the Romanoffs, if you will.

“I lived a lot of lives….But I’m done running from my past.”

  • Yelena Belova

Nat walks through a house with a sweet staircase. Her pistol is aimed, ready for whatever she might find. What she finds is a disembodied Russian accent,

“I know you’re out there.”

“I know you know I’m out here,” Nat answers. “So, are we going to talk like grown-ups?”

Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova pops out with her own pistol. “Is that what we are?” Then, they fight! Yelena copies Nat’s moves – suspiciously like Taskmaster. The film’s antagonist has powers to mimic his opponent’s moves. As they fight through the house, Nat and Yelena switch from guns to butcher knives.

When Nat defeats Yelena, she walks away saying,

“It’s good to see you too….sis.”

Are they actually blood sisters? Or sisters through the Red Room? This reminded me that everyone had a Russian accent but Nat. Has she been in espionage long enough that she lost hers? Now that I think about it, I don’t remember if she had an accent in Iron Man 2.

Nat and Yelena ride off together on the same motorcycle. What follows is the title card, “This Summer.”

“We’ve unfinished business.”

I’m assuming she’s telling this to Yelena. They hop on a hundred-foot leaning pole. And Nat’s wearing the black suit with straps from the movie poster.

Black Widow White Suit

  • The White Suit

“We have to go back to where it all started.”

Johansson’s voice-over continues. She does, what Deadpool would call, a “superhero landing.” Thus, revealing her white suit. I think it looks like a stormtrooper.

“Lucky us,” says Yelena. And we see more Black Widows in training.


  • Taskmaster

“One thing’s for sure…..”

Finally, Taskmaster. He sticks out of a tank with a bow and arrow.


  • Red Guardian

“….It’s going to be a hell of a reunion.”

Then, David Harbour. He puts on the Red Guardian helmet. He chuckles and his full suit is revealed. “It still fits,” he says excitedly while Nat, Yelena, and Rachel Weisz’s character watch him from a kitchen table.

Red Guardian sits at the table with the women. “Family,” he says in his Russian accent. “Back together again.” Thus, proving Cap was wrong. They all look around at each other as Weisz tells him, “You got fat.”

And then the battle we been waiting for. Not Black Widow, but Red Guardian versus Taskmaster.


Next, Nat jumps through the air while materials are exploding around her. While she dives, Taksmaster’s cannon fodder is shooting at her.

This culminates into cartoon graphics of Black Widow in her black and red suit. The cartoon morphs into the film’s logo. And that’s followed by “May 2020,” with “#BlackWidow” underneath.

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