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Black Widow Avengers: Infinity War

‘Black Widow’ Trailer Has A Surprising Connection To ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

When the Black Widow trailer dropped, fans were treated to a pot full of new information. The three minute or so video was stuffed to the brim. Several new characters were introduced. We even saw a couple of old friends. But besides flashbacks with Hawkeye and Nick Fury, we did not see any of her other Avengers friends. The film will take place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. So she has everyone on her speed dial. Tony Stark is said to be somewhere in the movie. The story we got from the trailer is that she reunites with an old team. And though there isn’t anyone from her new team, besides Thunderbolt Ross, there is a reference to Avengers: Infinity War. brought a piece to our attention. They screenshot the moment where Nat and her old family sit around the kitchen table. Nat is wearing her white suit that looks like a stormtrooper. David Harbour is in his Red Guardian suit. And Yelena is wearing a suit that looks similar to Nat’s stormtrooper suit. But over Yelena’s suit, she’s wearing a vest. This is the same vest we find Nat wearing when we find her in Infinity War.


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How Nat acquires this vest will be an interesting plot point we’ll find out when the film arrives in theaters. I’m sure there’ll be some action that has to do with it. Hopes are that Yelena will carry on the Black Widow legacy after Nat’s death in Avengers: Endgame. So surely, Nat won’t take it from her corpse.

When we left Nat in Age of Ultron, she and Captain America recruited their new team of Avengers. Most of this new team was on Cap’s side of the Civil War. When we met them in Infinity War, Nat and Cap had their team of Secret Avengers. I hoped to see a movie about this spin-off of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A movie about the gap between the two wars could have been about them. But to produce a solo movie about the Avengers’ first female, you need to dig into her origins. Therefore, instead of other Avengers, there needs to be other Black Widows.

Black Widow will arrive in theaters on May 1st, 2020. Scarlett Johansson said that her movie will spark a sub-franchise. We’re not sure if a Black Widow sequel would reprise her or Yelena as the main character. Though, if this fills in gaps between old movies, a sequel could dig back even further. Budapest was teased in the trailer. But another movie could actually be about her and Hawkeye’s mission.

Keep reading Screen Geek for more news on Black Widow and confirmations for any sequels.

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