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Venom 2 Cletus Kasady Carnage

‘Venom 2’ Set Video May Hint At Cletus Kasady’s Carnage Transformation

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand seemingly day by day, it appears that Sony is gradually crafting their own cinematic universe albeit in a much more subtle fashion. They’ve already released Venom and Morbius is soon on the way as indicated by the recently unveiled trailer. But what’s more, Sony is also preparing a direct followup to VenomVenom 2 – which is intended to introduce the iconic supervillain Carnage aka Cletus Kasady. Now as you can see down below, a new Venom 2 set video featuring Woody Harrelson behind the scenes as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage has been revealed.

Unfortunately, the behind the scenes Venom 2 clip of Woody Harrelson in the role of Cletus Kasady is not exactly the best of quality. Nevertheless, it is always nice to get another glimpse at Woody Harrelson as he brings the iconic comic book supervillain to life. Hopefully we get to see more of Cletus Kasady proper whenever the first trailer for Venom 2 is released, and let’s hope that the trailer includes our first look at Carnage in his full symbiote form. It will surely be a sight to behold.

Until then, Venom 2 seems to be developing along its production just fine. The cast and crew continue to meet their milestones with shooting the film and no doubt we’ll be getting some official looks at the film in the near future because of it. So far we’ve just been getting plenty of these interesting behind the scenes photos, as well as some exciting suggestions that indicate something bigger is going on beyond just Venom 2.

It’s become pretty clear by now that not only are Venom 2 and the upcoming film Morbius are connected, but that the movies will also be referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. We’ve already seen Michael Keaton’s character from Spider-Man: Homecoming show up in the trailer for Morbius, so there is absolutely no telling what secrets can be waiting with the arrival of Venom 2.

Hopefully we find out more about the upcoming Venom 2 film soon, and as the release date for both it and Morbius approach we can be sure that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Both Venom and Carnage fans have plenty to look forward to when Venom 2 hits theaters later this year on October 2, 2020.

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