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Ben Stiller Reportedly Joining ‘Fast And Furious 9’ Cast [Updated]

When the original Fast and Furious debuted back in 2001, no one could have predicted the massive franchise it would become. After a few well-performing sequels, the series kicked it to another gear with the addition of Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five. It’s been breaking the bank ever since, with the last two entries earning over a billion dollars worldwide while spawning a spin-off Hobbs and Shaw. With Fast and Furious 9 approaching, it looks like another unexpected star could be joining the team, comedian Ben Stiller.

Ahead of the project’s May 22, 2020 release, Page Six is reporting that Ben Stiller will be taking a small part in the ninth entry. Stiller would make an interesting addition to the Fast team, as he’s not synonymous with action blockbusters like this and has not been in a film since 2017’s Brad Status.

On paper, I can somewhat see how Stiller could fit in the franchise. Hobbs and Shaw featured Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds in cameo roles to add their comedic talents, so it’s not like the franchise has not stretched its casting wings before. The one aspect that has me on the fence is that both of those actors had direct connections with the project, as Reynolds worked with director David Leitch and Hart co-starred with Johnson in several projects.

Whether Stiller joins the team or not, I am excited to see what Fast and Furious 9 brings to the table. The addition of John Cena as Diesel’s brother is a fun addition, as it allows two of Hollywood’s biggest action stars to go toe-to-toe. The first trailer promised plenty of groundbreaking stunts that push the boundaries of reality, with the series still finding new ways to excite and surprise audiences.

Update: Ben Stiller has released the following tweet, saying the rumors aren’t true:

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