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Drive-Thru Halloween Event ‘The Haunted Road’ Coming To Florida

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been a fascinating and disappointing addition to 2020. On one hand, it’s forced a creative new way of living for many people – and as a result has pushed things like streaming, working from home, and other alternatives into the mainstream. But the disappointing part stems from the fact these things have only happened because of social distancing and having to endure a worldwide pandemic. And with that said, it looks like Halloween will be taking a massive hit due to the pandemic as well – for example, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has been cancelled this year for the first time in decades. But there are alternatives already coming along – such as a haunted drive-thru called “The Haunted Road” that’s being offered out of Orlando, Florida.

It appears that The Haunted Road” is actually a contactless experience which manages to create a Halloween-themed event supported by the idea of social distancing.

As explained by the Haunted Road press release, it will allow you to experience the atmosphere of the holiday from the safety of your vehicle:

“The entire event was designed with physical distancing measures in mind, from contact-free check-in by license plate, to immersive drive-in scenes,” the press release describes.

The experience focuses on a “ghastly rendition of an untold story of Rapunzel as she journeys into a world of disarray, faces bloodcurdling creatures – and hundreds of shocking scares.”

You can sign up at their official website for more updates on the event.

It’s an exciting announcement, although bittersweet still that things are having to be altered so heavily that even Halloween will have to be enjoyed from the safety of your vehicle. Nevertheless, it’s a sign that Halloween just won’t be stopped – so hopefully horror fans and those looking for a thrill in October from Orlando, Florida will be able to enjoy the Haunted Road.

In the meantime, next Halloween should be a blast as well, considering the upcoming horror film sequel Halloween Kills will finally be released.

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