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Olivia Wilde Signs On To Direct Female-Centric Sony Marvel Film

Ever since the COVID-19 global pandemic pumped the brakes on the entertainment industry, news about new films has been scarce, to say the least. However, tid-bits have been trickling in little by little, and what news we are getting tends to be pretty big. Most news has been about theaters re-opening, movies getting updated release schedules, and some new flicks in the works. On the last note, Sony has just let be known that there is some information on a new female-centric Marvel film is in the works, and they have signed a director.

Deadline is reporting that actress and director, Olivia Wilde, has signed on to direct the as of yet named Marvel project for Sony. Wilde made waves with her coming of age teen comedy, Booksmart, and has garnered some praise from behind the camera. Now, Sony wants to tap into that talent to help bring more of their Marvel properties to life. Considering that it is ‘female-centric’, and Sony has been trying desperately to get their Black Cat & Silver Sable project off the ground, the consensus is that this film will be Spider-Woman.

Many people have carried the mantle, but the most well known, and thus most likely candidate for the movie, is Jessica Drew. Jessica’s powers are not in line with those of Spider-Man, and, in fact, aren’t even really in correlation with spiders at all. But, she is a master spy, which could lead to a Jason Bourne-style film, something we haven’t really gotten in a super-hero movie just yet. Whatever is the case, having Wilde leading the way does offer hope for another good Sony Marvel film. They’ve had success with their Marvel Studios partnership on the solo Spidey flicks, and their version of Venom was a blockbuster that has garnered a sequel. Sony is also hoping that their Jared Leto led Morbius is equally as successful. Fingers crossed, we’ll get more updates on this Wilde led Marvel film soon.

Are you excited to see what Olivia Wilde can bring to the Marvel table for Sony? Let us know in the comments below!

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