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Original ‘IT’ Losers’ Club Cast Members Reuniting At Salem Horror Fest

Stephen King’s IT has become an iconic story across several different generations. Much like the way Pennywise manages to turn up every few decades, it seems his associated story does the same. First, there was Stephen King’s novel. Then the 1990 miniseries adaptation of IT acquired its own iconic status for decades until, in 2017, a new film adaptation was released. By that point, Pennywise became a pop culture icon all over again. But that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating the 1990 IT miniseries – and now, for the miniseries adaptation’s 30th anniversary, fans will be able to witness a reunion of the original IT Losers’ Club cast.

As revealed by Michael Hoffman at Consequence of Sound, the reunion will be held during a panel at Salem Horror Fest, with John Campopiano and The Losers’ Club: A Stephen King Podcast co-hosting the panel. As of this writing, the following guests have been confirmed – all of which played the kid versions of the original Losers’ Club:

  • Marlon Taylor (Mike Hanlon)
  • Brandon Crane (Ben Hanscom)
  • Ben Heller (Stanley Uris)
  • Adam Faraizl (Eddie Kasprak)
  • Emily Perkins (Beverly Marsh)

The guests will be there to “discuss stories from the set, the legacy of the miniseries, and growing up with Stephen King.”

A cast reunion is definitely an exciting announcement for fans of the original IT miniseries. Especially after the notoriety of the latest IT films, it’ll be nice to take a moment and revisit the classic miniseries and its cast that helped keep the story popular for so many decades. After all, it is the 30th anniversary, and that’s a tremendous occasion for such a beloved and iconic piece of the horror genre. As such, hopefully fans will enjoy the reunion being held.

If you’re interested in viewing the panel, you can now acquire tickets to the all-virtual Salem Horror Fest (being held October 1-11).

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