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David Ayer: ‘Suicide Squad’ Was “Ripped To Pieces” & Missing 40 Minutes Of Footage

Ever since the news was released that Zack Snyder was finally receiving some ‘justice’ and that his original vision for Justice League would be coming to HBO Max in 2021, showing how effective fan petitions can really be, fans have been jumping on other comic book movies that, quite frankly, deserve to be seen for the original vision that the director meant it to be in the first place. One such film is David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. The film seemingly had tons of potential, and was highly touted by fans before its release, but studio interference gave us a shell of a vision, and produced a lackluster movie, at best. Now, Ayer himself chimes in on the whole ordeal, and he pulls absolutely no punches.

Ayer took to Twitter to respond to some fan questions attached to the #ReleaseTheAyersCut that is trending in the wake of the Snyder Cut release news. Ayer went for the jugular with his comments, as he has had no reservations in throwing the studio under the same bus they threw him under before the film’s initial release. When asked what was the hardest scene to leave on the cutting room floor, Ayer simply stated:

“The first 40 minutes.”

When a fan added on to this sentiment, Ayer doubled down, saying:

“It was ripped to pieces – I can’t emphasize that enough.”

Ayer went on to blame the poor response to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice combined with the massive success of Deadpool that caused the studio to panic:

“For sure that became a factor – but the reason was BvS got chewed up by critics, and the success of Deadpool – the studio leadership at the time panicked. Then major elements of my cut were ripped out before I could mature the edit. Then [Geoff] Johns wrote pages I had to reshoot.”

This is another person to throw Johns’ name out as part of the problem. Cyborg actor, Ray Fisher, has adamantly gone after the studio and Johns for their horrid behavior during the Justice League reshoots as well.

Then, Ayer speaks on having the original cut finished, and he’s proud of it:

“I took the hits like a good soldier when the studio cuts hit the streets. It’s who I am. I watched my cut for the first time since it was abandoned. It is f*cking amazing. On God. I felt guilty for years like I f*cked [up]. Nope. It’s fire. It’s the tone of the Comicon trailer 100%.”

Finally, Ayer denies the rumors that his cut is coming to HBO Max:

“Not true.”

The last tweet is disheartening to fans, but it took seemingly forever to get the Snyder Cut to be released, so there is still a sliver up hope here. Whatever happens, fans now have James Gunn’s soft reboot/sequel, The Suicide Squad, to look forward to, and, from all accounts, the studio left it all in Gunn’s hands, learning from their past mistakes. Unfortunately, this does nothing for David Ayer, who bore the brunt of said mistakes.

Would you like to see the Ayer’s Cut of Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments below!

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