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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Synopsis May Reveal Who Unleashes The Multiverse

It has been unfortunate that the COVID-19 global pandemic has all but halted the entertainment industry to a dead stop. Theaters closed down, productions stopped, releases were pushed back, and more. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was not immune to this new hellscape and were forced to postpone their entire Phase 4 release schedule. One such delay was for arguably the most anticipated film in Phase 4, Doctor Strange 2 AKA Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. The Sam Raimi-helmed sequel for the Sorcerer Supreme looks to be the cornerstone for what will be the overarching story that is interwoven throughout at least Phase for of the MCU.

The film looks to bring the multiverse aspect, which Marvel has touched on a bit thus far, to the forefront. Now, we may just know who ushers in the impending mayhem.

According to a new synopsis, shared on Twitter, it looks like a familiar face will bring the multiverse disparity to the bane of Doctor Strange. As it reads, a ‘friend-turned-enemy’ throws a wrench in Strange’s work, which leads to the surgeon-turned-hero to unleashing an ‘unspeakable evil’. Now, it is unclear as to exactly who this frenemy is, but thanks to other leaks and news, there are two options: Wanda Maximoff and Baron Mordo. Let’s look at both of these options now.

Firstly, let’s look at Wanda Maximoff. The MCU’s Scarlet Witch is set to star in her own Disney Plus series, WandaVision, where she will seemingly create her own pocket reality, bringing back her lost love, Vision, and living in a weird, sit-com-based world. We know that Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda is set to appear in the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel, but could it be as villain rather than ally? Wanda’s slipping grip on her sanity due to overwhelming grief, coupled with her reality warping powers, may lead to a ‘House of M’ like storyline that sees Wanda finally snap and bring upon the multiverse terror. As possible as this is, however, there is a more likely candidate for the villain.

This brings us to Baron Mordo. Mordo was Strange’s mentor but went dark at the end of the film after his strict and rigid set of rules on magic where polluted by Strange’s ‘disregard’ for natural law to win the battle. This led Mordo to realize that there are too many sorcerer’s in the world, and now he seeks to absorb the magic of all sorcerer’s on Earth to eliminate the problem. This could lead to Mordo looking to the multiverse for more magic to steal and he could manipulate Strange into opening the multiverse and unleashing hell. Remember, Strange is not aware of Mordo’s current stance. He’s been incredibly busy with Thanos and Infinity Stones and half of the universe ending. So, Mordo could use their friendship against Strange.

All in all, this little snippet of a synopsis opens up a wide range of possibilities as to what is to come from this sequel. Hopefully, as production should begin soon, more information comes to us as to exactly what to expect.

Who do you think will be the ‘friend-turned-enemy’ in Doctor Strange 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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