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Tom Holland Wears The Suit In ‘Spider-Man 3’ Set Photo

Tom Holland is notorious for accidentally letting spoilers slip for the films he’s working on, especially when it comes the Marvel films. You can’t really blame him, either. He is just so excited to be able to play his favorite hero of all time, Spider-Man. It would seem that Holland may have figured out a way to keep from spoiling these films. As he begins shooting Spider-Man 3, he may have discovered the way to keeping secrets safe – and it comes from being open with non-spoilers! So far, Holland has shared that he received the script, but gave away nothing. Then, he shared his first photo from the set of the movie. It showed himself in costume, and nothing else (except for a hand in the background that has the internet ablaze for some reason). Now, Holland has released another pic in costume, but again, he’s playing it safe.

Holland went to Instagram to share another pic from the still officially untitled Spider-Man 3. From the looks of it, Tom has some down time between scenes, so he kicked up his costumed feet and decided to enjoy some weekend pro golf. Of course, this once again reveals nothing of the plot or any secrets, but it keeps Holland active on social media. It seems like the best formula for the accidental king of spoilers.


Hopefully, he keeps this up and keeps us all in the loop as he shoots the film in Atlanta. It’s exciting to see any type of film news in this day and age, even if it’s just his feet.

This film should be Spider-Man’s craziest adventure yet. After the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which had the Wall Crawler outed as Peter Parker and falsely accused for the ‘murder’ of Mysterio. This movie will most likely see him on the run, but we have no idea from what or from whom. We do know that Jamie Foxx is returning as a new version of Electro, but that’s really about it. So, part of me hopes Tom Holland keeps up the secrecy, and a part of me hopes he falls back into his own spoiler-ific ways.

Are you keeping up with Tom Holland’s Instagram for Spider-Man 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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